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Meet Your Instructors

IADW instructors are experienced professionals, school educators and administrators, and also parents who can help you successfully navigate your student or student athlete into college.
Our Instructors

IADW Family Gallery

The IADW instructor team has proudly and successfully assisted 8 (soon-to-be 9) of our own children and countless others earn college acceptance through scholarships.
Our proof is in our results!

Meet IADW Founder

Desireé Robinson, MS
IADW Founder
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

-El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

My parents considered two primary things as non-negotiable actions as my brother and I became young adults:  1. Having excellent credit, and 2. Going to college. My late father, a minister, often spoke of his ten-mile trek to a small shed which served a schoolhouse for Black children in rural Georgia. His early education was sporadic because he had to work in the cotton fields to help support his family. My mother, who wanted to become a writer, was told that there were no such opportunities available for a Black woman. She opted to become a teacher for exceptional students. Despite these barriers, my parents worked tirelessly to ensure that their children and grandchildren had a different outcome.  It is upon their legacy of perseverance and fortitude that IADW was created, and our mission is to help you earn your own passport to the future.

From left to right:  Edsel, Jr., Morris Brown College; (top center) Pearlie, Savannah State University and Atlanta University; Edsel, Sr., Morris Brown College and International Theological Center; (bottom center) Desireé, Howard University and Boston University. Photo credit: Dorsey Photography, 1997.

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