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College Scholarship & Application Consulting

IADW offers online and in-person instruction to help parents and students understand the college scholarship and application preparation and management process. 

About IADW

Everything we once knew about preparing for college has changed. Yes, I-A-D-W, "It’s A Different World".  IADW provides you with information to create action steps to define your student’s college application and scholarship process, and teaches you effective ways to work to help finance your student’s education.

Your College Journey Begins Here, Today!

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Experienced Instructors

IADW instructors are experienced parents, professional educators and school administrators with proven strategies and unique perspectives to help you maximize your student's success in the college  scholarship and application process.

Online Community

IADW promotes the "It's Takes A Village" approach to the college  scholarship and application process. Our online community offers a unique place for support and information. Best of all, you don't have to feel alone! Your IADW community is with you.

Flexible Curriculum

IADW courses are designed so that you can view them online at any time and at your own pace using a computer or mobile device.


"This workshop was amazing! There was so much great information that I learned to prepare my 8th grade daughter for college." 


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