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Before the Application

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Geary Woolfolk has navigated his family through the college admissions & scholarship process several times with overwhelming success, and shares the “secrets” to his sons’ academic achievements through knowledgeable insight and with an amiable and collegial style. Based on in-depth research and his own experience with guiding his children and teenagers in his community, Geary reveals his approach to creating a highly competitive college profile from the perspective of a family who has been there before. In these pages, you will discover: • How to plan and track your progress from the beginning of high school through becoming a freshman in college • How to develop essential skill sets that enable you to thrive in high school and truly become “college-ready” • How to identify your best-fit colleges and enter into a strong position to earn admission to dream schools • How to greatly improve your chances of earning top scholarships • How to plan and organize during the college application season. • How to transition into “college mode” and be ready for success immediately upon graduating from high school




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