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Scholarship Tracking
  • Scholarship Tracking

    This spreadsheet allows students to gather their scholarship research into one place and keep up with scholarship application deadlines, scholarship program requirements, and their eligibility for awards.​


    Most students desire to earn scholarships to help relieve the financial burden of college, yet few put in the time to go after these opportunities. Earning 5-10% of the scholarships that you apply for is considered a great success, which is why it is recommended that students should apply for numerous independent awards during the college application process. Yet, the primary reason students do not apply to many scholarships is due to a lack of organization.


    The Scholarship Tracking spreadsheet allows students to efficiently organize their target scholarship programs, assemble their research in one place, and help determine the path to becoming eligible for the awards. The spreadsheet helps students keep track of the monetary amount of a scholarship, the deadlines for applying for an award, the application requirements, their qualifications for the scholarship, and more. The spreadsheet provides straightforward headings to guide students through the tracking process.

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